Thursday, September 6, 2007


Band: Nevermore
Country: USA
Genre: Power/Thrash/Progressive

This band absolutely slays... Can be devastatingly heavy at times, can have its mellower moments, but at all points of time they are entertaining... You'd hear the music and the vocals running in two different directions and then joining once more during the chorus sections to wreak some more devastation and then once part ways.. Intelligent lyrics (thats what everyone says.. i have absolutely no clue about judging lyrics...) great music and one of the best vocalist today... Warrel Dane was initially asked before Tim Ayamar to sing for Control Denied.. Only when he turned it down did Tim Ayamar get the job.. I can't even imagine how godly Control Denied would have sounded if he had been there.. But alas such things were not meant to be.. Thank Goodness Nevermore is there to soothe our hearts...

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